Friday, May 14, 2010

I think I need a dustrag...

to dust off my little corner of cyberspace with. My poor lil blog has been collecting dust these past few weeks and honestly it might end up collecting a little more before I whip that dust rag out. I have been so busy with school but finals are next week then I'm out for the summer and hopefully that's when I can dust this sucker off and get y'all caught up, because trust me I have a lot to tell.

But I do feel the need to blog now and I just can't leave you with that little blip. So this will be a little random post that will fulfill my blogging need and still leave me with time. So here we go.
10 complete random things about me.
Because I have nothing else better to blog about. (actually that's not true but I am trying to post quickly and all the other posts would have a lot of pics, and that's not quick.)
PS: If you don't want to know 10 random things about me then feel free to click the red button on the top right corner of your browser. It won't hurt my feelings, trust me I am not that exciting so that may be your best bet anyways unless you need a nap.
1. I keep a planner but I don't actually use it to write down my future plans. Instead its more like a mini diary and I write what I did that day.
2. I overthink things way too much. It may be the reason I worry way too much. Sometimes those sorts of things make me hard to deal with but I am working on getting better and my friends are managing to deal with it somehow.
3. It kinda goes along with the last one but when I am worried or upset, I have to vent. And I talk about it and think about it and worry about it until I feel okay about it. Once again this trait makes me surprised to think I still manage to have friends because I know they get tired of hearing it but I guess that proves how great of friends I have.
4. I don't like cats. I just don't. You can be a cat person just keep your cat away from me.
5. I am not good at answering yes or no questions because they usually end up as sometimes or maybes. I tend to think outside the box.
6. I'm a country girl and always have been although I'm not sure people seen it as much before I became friends with Whittney. Although Whittney has certainly brought out my more country side it isn't a part of me that I fake, or just try and do because she does.
7. I'm not a very confident individual, and that shows. People can easily tell, I think.
8. I like writing in pen but don't like when I mess up and it looks sloppy.
9. My camera is getting cleaned right now. I miss it so much, I don't know if ill survive. lol.
10. I tend to attach myself to people and when I care enough about somebody (family, friend, boyfriend) I give all of myself to them. That can turn out badly.
And there ya go folks!
Wasn't that exciting! No? Well, I am sorry that you read through it, why didn't you heed my advice and close out this window? I told you I wasn't exciting! Did you at least enjoy your nap?
Well don't miss me too much but I am guessing finals will keep me from posting again real soon but no worries, I'll be back! ;)


  1. Oh no, Dea! You are not feeling the love after writing all that stuff about your precious self! I have noticed it has been getting quieter in cyber-space ever since the snow melted. Outdoor time! You deserve a huge hug for your ten. Your friends are so blessed to have your loyalty that I'm sure they don't mind listening to you decompress every so often. God made you the way you are for a reason, but you are so SMART to be working on some of the rough edges while you're young. It will be a huge benefit in the long run, trust me! God will help you like nothing else could.

  2. Thank you for the comments on my blog, I really appreciate it! What a beautiful picture of you, love it! I'm not a yes or no person either, my answers always depend on my mood and the day. You should be confident, you are a beautiful girl with an amazing talent, who, I'm guessing from your photos, can uplift and connect with others easily. That is a great gift. And while some may hurt you or use you, never stop giving your whole self, it will be the greatest gift of all that you can give someone else now and in the future. : )

  3. totally know what you mean. life gets busy! love that pic of you and thanks so much for your sweet comment on my blog. :) did you see that on the side of my blog about "this week's recipes?" every week I'll be posting my menu for the week so if you are needing any new ideas for dinner check it out. :)

  4. Lov it Dea. I feel the SAME way about pens. And GORGEOUS picture!