Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Remote Controlled!

I got a remote control for my camera, see!
It's gotta be one of the coolest things ever. Ok there are a lot of other cool things but still, having a camera that runs with a remote, pretty cool.

Whittney and I had to, of course, test it out.
We had to make sure it worked when I pointed it at her head,
Or when we were not paying attention (This picture cracks me up. Although it is a very unflattering picture of the both of us, I love how we are both laughing in it. I wonder what we were laughing at?)
We had to test it to make sure it could find peace,
and then when we knew without a doubt that this remote was the coolest thing ever, we let it capture us in a non normal state- looking normal. ;)



  1. that IS super cool!!! I need one of those..... ;)

  2. yes i have the same one... and have never once used it... to be honest i have never taken the time to learn how! Maybe I should! Hey I was going through my blog and you asked how to get bigger pictures. i have never had a chance to respond but I found some tutorials online and that is how i learned. there are many ways. I am hoping that maybe I can post a tutorial just for those that have asked me. it is sooo easy. You should be able to find out online how to but if not I will let you know when I get a chance to do the step by step

  3. by the way i love the whole iDEA thing! So creative unique and hey maybe a business name???

  4. dea - this looks like a lot of fun - lol! you are cracking me up!