Monday, March 29, 2010

I♥faces - Dramatic Black and White

This weeks theme over at i♥faces is dramatic black and white. They are looking for a photo that speaks to the viewer, that conveys emotion and that is obviously- dramatic. They say that editing is key and they do not want to see a typical black and white portrait. I had so many pictures I wanted to enter and have been thinking about which one to choose for a long time. I love black and white pictures. I love using light and expressions to convey a mood. And I absolutely love pictures that are just so powerful that as soon as I see them I can feel the emotions pouring from the picture. Although it was a hard choice I ultimately choose this one: I don't know about you, but as soon as I see this picture I am caught up in it. I felt that way the first time I saw it- unedited on my LCD. It was a random one I took of my best friend while I was doing a photo shoot of her cousin. As soon as I saw it, I saw the mood it seemed to portray and I couldn't wait to edit it. I edited it right away- changing it to black and white and adding the words that I think pair well with the sadness and hurt it seems to show and the feeling of loneliness that you can think she may be feeling. It makes me wonder what she was thinking when I took this. It speaks volumes to me- maybe because some days, I know exactly how this picture feels to me.

Thank you for viewing I hope you found it worth the look! Comments are always appreciated and I usually comment back!

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  1. It does portray a certain kind of mood and she is very pretty.

  2. Very moody and I love the words in the frame.

  3. I would say the word Drama applies here.. Very well done!!!

  4. It does portray a mood in this photo! Great job and I love the saying on it too cause it just adds to the photo

  5. Awesome shot Dea! Love the quote too.

  6. That is one awesome photo girl... so much going on... so much to think about!