Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween festivities!

I have to tell you, usually not much happens around my house for Halloween. We simply observe the holiday by wandering around with my sister and a few other small children to receive candy, then call it a night. This year was different though, and it was a very wonderful change to celebrate and enjoy the holiday more in its entirety. Having the girls living closer has certainly made a difference because having children around to enjoy holidays with makes them much more enjoyable, especially the little holidays where if they were not around it would not be as big of a deal. Its so nice that they are closer, not just in distance but in heart to. They have been permanently embedded into my heart and my family, along with my actual family (of course) as well as the other people that are near and dear to me. I am so blessed to have the people I have in my life and more so to be able to spend even the littler holidays like Halloween with them.

Here are some pictures of my wonderful Halloween:
The night before we carved a pumpkin! And then cooked the seeds. And just so you know, Mikayla wore that costume every chance she got, she really liked it! Just a new picture of me and the girls after the pumpkin carving!
Kelley and Me! She is one of my best friends. She took the pictures and helped bake the seeds.
TRICK OR TREAT! The girls all dressed up for trick or treat!
Taylor was a kangaroo. Here she was holding up her candy bag, signaling that she wants to go get candy and not stop for a picture lol.
Mikayla was a unicorn, and boy did she love that costume!One of my favorite boys! My neighbor boy Landon who made the cutest cop in the universe! The other of my favorite boys! Gavin who is also my neighbor makes the cutest koala bear!Dana did not allow me the chance for an individual picture of her so here is my lovely sister with Taylor.

Then comes the big kid fun!
Here is me, Jodi, and Whittney all ready for a Halloween party we attended. Don't you just adore our costumes? We wanted to do a group thing so we went as a cheerleader, football player and a Ref. We were the most awesome themed group there! I must say, I was so very filled with pride and thankfulness as we trouped up for that party together. Most of my life I have struggled with friendships and have never had a true friend I could could count on, the ones I did have decided I wasn't good enough for them. I hadn't had a friend who would do the things a real best friend would do (like coordinating Halloween costumes) until these lovely ladies came around and I am ever so thankful to call them my best friends. It was the greatest feeling in the world to be able to enter that party feeling apart of a tight group of friends- to feel accepted, loved, and knowing that I have two best friends who will stick by me no matter what. I have realized these things quite often but walking in as a group was just another bittersweet moment when I realized how truly blessed I am.
Because Jodi has problems with getting her picture taken (yeah, I don't know either. I mean I don't like getting my picture taken either (despite how it looks the opposite with all the pictures of myself on my blog) but i love the memories pictures give me so as long as i am in the picture with people i love i don't mind it as much) well she ran off after we took the one of all three of us. So I asked Randi (my lovely neighbor) to get in a picture with us and so she did. Which made my night ever so more the wonderful because Randi is another person I am so very thankful for- another great influence on my life and i am so very glad she is my neighbor!
Boy am I blessed and even a Holiday deemed Satan's holiday couldn't make me think otherwise! I have terrific family and friends and I had a great Halloween as well. I hope yours was spooky and wonderful!


  1. Great friends ARE truely a blessing! GLad you had a fun time!!

  2. Such cute costumes for the little ones! I love the big people costumes too, looks like you guys had fun!

  3. man we were the best group there man lol that is so funny. lol love them pics

  4. Good times. Good times. You're the best:) I heart ya!!

  5. So great! Looks like it was a fun night... you are all cutie patooties!


  6. Look at all those cute photos! As far as the picnik question, I just use the eye bright feature. Very easy!

  7. That is a very sweet friendship story. I was just like you, and really started having some close friends late in high school. It finally felt like I could breathe. But in the years before that God really showed me that he was the friend I could tell everything, and nothing surprised him because he already knew and loved me. I wouldn't trade that for anything. Yea for you!!