Friday, April 9, 2010

I got featured!!!

You all know about i♥faces right? Well, I have been entering their contests for awhile now and just a few days ago I decided to join their community network. I mostly joined because I was curious and because I wanted to add pictures to the flowers theme. So I took a few minutes out of my homework time (no worries, I got it done. Although it doesn't ever really end...) and I joined and then added a few photos. I didn't really have enough time to tinker with it and learn the ropes of it, so I settled with adding my two cents and then I logged out.

I checked a few times after I added my pictures, seeing if I had any comments or anything like that. I didn't, so I went on my merry way, thinking that eventually I could figure it all out and then I could get traffic going through it.

But then today, I got an email. It said I'd been featured on i♥faces photography community. Huh, I thought to myself. Lets check this out before I get to excited maybe its not what I think.

But much to my surprise, it was what I thought and my wish finally came true! Okay, that's a little dramatic but I have wanted to get one of my photos featured. My ultimate goal is to place in one of the contests but for now, this is great!

Here is the lucky photo:

I find it funny they featured this one- it was one of the first ones I ever took with my new camera and I have never edited it at all! This is straight out of the camera! But I am just beyond excited that they thought it worthy to feature.

If you would like to see for yourself you can click on the picture and it will take you straight to the i♥faces post where it was featured.

Wow. I am just so excited. I know its not like a challenge winner or anything, but for me this is a win in my book!



  1. WAY TO GO!!! That picture is stunning... I love that it is SOOC... you are really showing off your talent girl!!


  2. Yea for you, Dea!! That is a gorgeous picture--totally deserving!! :-)

  3. um yeah that photo is absolutely gorgeous just the way it is! Great job and so cool it got featured! Yeah for you Dea

  4. very very exciting! congrats to you

  5. That is a gorgeous shot! What do you shoot with?

  6. Well deserved! It's a beautiful photo, and I love that you got the exposure, focus, color and composition correct in the camera!! Great job! I'm sure we will see more.

  7. wow congrats! your picture is beautiful and it is well deserved!!

    thanks for stopping by my blog and for the very sweet comments. I hope you enjoy it enough to keep coming back. :)

    have a wonderful evening!